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In 2009 I was diagnosed with celiac disease. This forced me to make dramatic changes to my diet and lifestyle and reevaluate what a “healthy diet” is. As I adopted a more traditional diet and shied away from processed, modern foods, my overall health improved significantly. For the past 10+ years, I’ve focused on providing actionable information and strategies to help others find more success on their own journey to optimal health.

Now, as a nutritional therapy practitioner, I work with clients to help them identify a more natural, bio-individual approach to eating that works for them. I guide them in navigating the modern food system to find foods and nutrients that work for their body and their specific health goals. I help them recognize the cues and signals their body is giving them to better understand how different foods and nutrients affect their health and well-being.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you to help you create your own individualized roadmap to vibrant health!

Cain Credicott


I believe in taking a personalized, bio-individual approach with clients.​


I have been involved in the health & wellness space for over 10 years.​


I am committed to providing research-backed, actionable information.​

founder | paleo magazine

ancestral foods can heal.

For a look into my personal Paleo journey and how it helped improve my health, check out the documentary, We Love Paleo.

Do what you love

restore balance.

I founded Atypical Wellness to provide actionable information to help guide you through the process of restoring balance to your mind and body to feel your best, have more energy, and get the most out of life.

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