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Anything but typical.

It is possible to feel better.
We’re excited to show you how.

Atypical wellness helps guide you through the process of restoring balance to your mind and body to feel your best, have more energy, and get the most out of life.

How can Atypical Wellness help?

Nutritional Support

We help identify a more natural, bio-individual approach to diet to identify deficiencies while providing support to optimize overall health.

Lifestyle Support

Nothing in the body happens in isolation. We also address and provide support for lifestyle areas like sleep, movement, community, and stress.


Supplements can help fill nutritional gaps and address chronic issues. Get 25% off high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade supplements in our online dispensary.

Taking a holistic approach, we provide support for the 4 foundational lifestyle factors of movement, sleep, nutrition, and managing stress.


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