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Biosense Breath Ketone Monitor

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Biosense is the only clinically backed breath ketone monitor currently available and it’s the perfect alternative to finger sticks and urine sticks. Their app gives a clear, immediate picture of your results so you can easily see your level of ketosis

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Biosense is the first, and only, clinically backed meter on the market to track acetone (ACEs). This handheld device allows for unlimited, effortless tracking of ketone levels by simply blowing into it. Forget about painful, inconvenient fingersticks or buying expensive test strips. Biosense elevates tracking your ketones to a whole new level and makes it completely painless.

The next level of ketone tracking.

When it comes to monitoring ketones for weight loss, intermittent fasting, and keeping tabs on your overall metabolic health, research suggests blood measurements may not be optimal.

A 2019 clinical trial found that “the relatively high daily variability of ketone levels indicate that single blood or breath ketone measurements are often not sufficient to assess daily ketone exposure for most users.” This means that compared to taking one or two measurements, checking numerous times per day gives you a much more valid snapshot of your overall metabolic picture. With blood-based meters, this can quickly become prohibitively expensive. When you also consider that blood ketones are storage ketones, keeping a watchful eye on breath ketones may actually be a better, more accurate long-term biomarker.

An intermittent fasting game-changer.

Biosense removes the speculation and estimation of when you’re actually in ketosis or have reached that holy grail of ketone levels when autophagy really kicks in. With Biosense, you no longer have to rely on simplified, general, time-based IF programs and hope that you’re reaping the health benefits after an arbitrary amount of time. With Biosense you can finally stop guessing.

Biosense includes a free app that helps you better understand your ongoing ketone trends, with multiple viewing options to see daily, monthly, and yearly trends at a glance. The easy-to-use interface gives you a clearer understanding of how those factors affect your ACE levels. You can also add a custom goal for daily tracking, note any current medical conditions, and select any health goals you have.

No matter your reason for wanting to track your ketone levels, the Biosense breath meter is a groundbreaking innovation. The design is elegantly simple and it has successfully removed any previous barriers to tracking, making ketone tracking accessible to anyone.

1 review for Biosense Breath Ketone Monitor

  1. Tammy

    I’ve found the Biosense device to be incredibly accurate when comparing it to a blood ketone meter. It’s also ridiculously easy to use. All you have to do is turn it on, let it “prepare” (which takes about 2 minutes), and blow. Ten seconds later you have your results, which are automatically synced the next time you use the app. I can’t recommend it enough for anyone who is looking to track ketones or see how their body responds to different foods and activities.

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